The vision

ON FIRE is the result of many years of evangelistic work in Germany and Europe. We come from different churches, fellowships and denominations, all with the aim to strengthen and inspire the young generation and the local church. Our vision is, setting Christians free, so that they can win others for Jesus. We want to equip young Christians to bring the love of Christ into the German society.



Our goal

As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.
Acts 4:20

The participants should be led into a deeper relationship with Jesus. The authority of God‘s actions in their life should be discovered and passed on through this relationship. Through the passing on of God‘s Word in lectures, training, workshops, community, worship and outreach, we want to create an environment where the participants can experience God. They should be encouraged to a lifestyle that deliberately includes mission and evangelisation.

A new perspective should be opened for the partner church to reach young people out of different settings. We want to create a long lasting community feeling in the churches that reflects God‘s great kingdom and his glory.